The Warrior's Pass Trail

It is approximately 1 mile from the floor of Boynton Canyon to the top of Warrior’s pass. This hike is usually done as a loop going over the pass from Boynton, down Long Canyon, then though Deadman’s Pass and back to the parking lot. If you take the side trail up to Mushroom Rock, as opposed to just walking up the wash, then proceed from there through the Halfpipe and up to the top of the second step. Next, follow the trail straight instead of turning left to the Eagle’s Nest.
This trail will be relatively easy to follow until you reach the top of the pass, where the obvious trail runs out because the terrain is mostly slick rock. There are multiple ways down into Long Canyon from here. The easiest way is straight down the main wash, but you will need to work your way through some ledges near the top. If you do not feel 100% confident that you can find your way down into Long Canyon, then you can always turn around and go back the way you came, since it is almost exactly the same distance back to the parking area.