Loy Canyon - Wall of the Ancients & The Warrior's Wall

The trail into Loy Canyon is rarely used, probably because visitors to Sedona read the description and see that it is almost 10 miles roundtrip, so doing the full trail up to the rim is rated as difficult, and Sedona is full of shorter, easier trails that are closer to town. They don’t know what they’re missing.
The Warrior's Wall in Loy Canyon
The ancient Sinagua, ancestors of the modern Hopi, certainly knew a good thing when they saw it, and they chose the area around Loy Butte to build the largest cliff dwellings in all of Red Rock Country, Honanki and Palatki. They also held ceremony here, creating the most impressive rock art panels in the entire Verde Valley.
Kachina Mask at Wall of the Ancients
While many New Age believers in Sedona speak of Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock as "ancient sacred sites", these formations did not hold any special significance for the Sinagua. For the most part they did not live in the area where Sedona is now. The proof is that there are only a couple of small cliff dwelling and no rock art panels in Sedona.

Located 10 miles west of town, the ruins in and around Loy Canyon are among the most photogenic in Red Rock Country. The famous "Warriors Wall" is an unforgettable defensive structure built on a narrow ledge to protect a valuable water source. The "Wall of the Ancients" rock art panel across the canyon spans almost 100 yards. It contains images from every culture to ever occupy the Verde Valley.
Tread lightly here, for this area is monitored by hidden cameras and site stewards. You can provide an extra pair of eyes to protect this area. Please report anyone you see who is conducting paid tours in Loy Canyon or vandalizing archaeological sites to the Coconino National Forest.
Warrior's Wall Cliff Dwelling